24 May 2018

The Boyz Are Back In Town: FB 3rd Edition Regiment Painted

Hello there! Here's the regiment of WHFB 3rd edition painted. These are the minis I started the hobby with, along with plastic Rogue Trader Marines (those are still unpainted). I'm very pleased to get these finally in paints after 30 years... Here's the pics!

Taken with phone... Not the best of my pics, but they'll have to do now :)
The sand on the bases is actually darker and better looking live...

From an different angle...

I love those old shield designs... I have to find rest of the shields somewhere, for I didn't have enough for all of the orcs. Ebay, here I come...

Bye now!

13 May 2018

More Imperial Assault Rebels Painted

Hello there! Just got these IA-figures off the painting table. Here's the pics...

This was the first time I was using my Honor-phone to take miniature pics... And I'm pretty happy of the quality of the pics.

More painted minis soon! Bye now...

15 Apr 2018

Old Hammer Orcs, First Rank Painted

Hello! Here's the first rank of the regiment painted. There's gonna be 15 more of these to fill up the requirement of twenty orcs for KoW-regiment.

KoW rules doesn't use musicians or standard bearers in the unit... so I'm thinking of skipping them for now. Of course they will make the unit look better, and they will be useful in FaBa. We'll see..

Old models rank up nicely..! No need to bang your head to the wall to get these in line :) Waaagh!

9 Apr 2018

Warhammer, Old Metal Orc

Hello! Just a quick update on the Orc regiment...

 I found one of the old metal hero orcs to fill up the leader point in the first rank. It was great to paint this old classic miniature. And it fits to the unit like a glove.

I'm not sure when this mini was made. I guess it's late 80's. Looks good :)

More soon... Bye now!

7 Apr 2018

Old Warhammer Plastic

Hello there! I dug out my old plastic Orcs from the 80's. Not many left of these classics... But enough to make a regiment for Kings of War. Few goblins also still hanging along.

These came with "Warhammer Fantasy Regiments" box back in the days. The box included 60 miniatures, divided to six different Warhammer races. There were Dwarfs, Skaven, Orcs, Goblins, Dark Elves and Wood Elves. I still have few figures left from the other races... somewhere.

I painted the first of these great minis... Trying to keep the palette simple as possible. Only three main colors in this one. I have to find the old shields if I still have them... They can be anywhere :)

More of this regiment soon I hope... :) Bye now!