22 Feb 2018

Fantasy Battle 9th Age: Forest Spirits

Hello there! At the moment I'm working on very interesting punch of figures... Heavily converted Fantasy Battle "Beastmen" and "Dryads", that are going for a FB9th Age Tournament use.

These figures are continuation for the "Fantasy Battle Monsteres" that I painted last year. Check those out here. FB-Monsters

As you can see, the convertion is heavy and very imaginative... And sadly I can't take any credit from that. I'm just the painter here :) The owners are also gonna do the bases for all the minis. So here they are shown unbased.

Here's Dryad kind of things... I have the green theme in all the figures legs, to make them look like they are rising from the forest undergrowth.

Beastmen things, with basically the same color theme... I just used alot of rusty metal colors with these.

More Beastmen things...

And next there will be some big infantry (kind of) ones. Bye now!

14 Jan 2018

WHFB: Dark Elves, Black Guard and some Extras

Hello! The unit of Black Guards is finished. I painted some individuals on the side. One Assasin, one Shade and a Witch... Here's the pics!

It was a  challenge to make the unit of metal Black Guard rank up nicely... But I made it :)

Here's the Assasin, one of the Shades, and the Witch...

Close up on the Assasins cloak... it came out ok!

More of Fantasy Battle Darkies coming soon. Bye now!

9 Jan 2018

Star Wars: Imperial Assault, Some Painted Miniatures

Hello  there! It's been awhile since my last posting... Nice to see I still have readers :)

I started this years painting with Fantasy Battle Dark Elves and some Star Wars: Imperial Assault minis. Dark Elf unit is still on the table, almost finished, with some heroes... more of that soon.

But I managed to finish first ten Imperial Assault figures I was asked to paint. My own IA-board game is collecting dust in the cupboard, but maybe inspired by this painting job I'll get my own minis in to paints also... And who knows, Ill begin some gaming too?

But here's some pics of the first ten IA-minis...

Here's R2-D2, Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker.

A punch of scoundrels: Lando Calrissian, Boba Fett, Han Solo and Chewie.

Loku Kanoloa, Diala Passil, and Gaarkhan.

At the back of Diala Passils cloak I made a fast, unrealistic, but nice light effect. Happy about that :)

And there you have it... More of these is coming. But maybe next some Dark Elves. Bye now!

25 Nov 2017

Necromunda, Early Christmas

Hi there! Just opened my copy of the new Necromunda... It's awesome!

I also picked up the Gang War supplement... So I get to make my own gang and play as 3D.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to play the "boardgame version" at the local game shop. It was really nice, brutal and fast paced action. The core rules can be learned in minutes, if you have little bit of war gaming / WH40k  background :) 
I realized quite fast the difference between house Goliath and house Escher. I hope the contrast with the new upcoming gangs will be as notable.

Can't wait to make my own gang and get those miniatures on the painting table... Still few other projects in the way :) Bye now!

20 Nov 2017

TMNT-Shadows of the Past, More Miniatures

I got some some "board game quality painting" done... This punch of bad guys were really nice to paint. Only problem was the purple color of the Foot Clan. With Army Painters "Alien Purple" it took quite many layers to cover...

Street Thugs...

Foot Clan Ninjas and Foot Elite

Few more Mousers...

Bebop and Rocksteady. Bye now!